Antigua, Carpenter Rock
Antigua, Berkely Point and Pigeon Beach

Antigua, Monk's Hill (Fort George) 

Bequia, Peggy's Rock

Carriacou, Chapeau Caree

Dominca, Portsmouth, Farm and Mountain Trial

Dominica Section 3 of the Waitukubuli Trail

Marie Galante Vieux Fort trails

Mustique Hikes

Martinique, Morne Chamapagne, Grand Anse D'Arlet
Martinique, Grand Anse D'Arlet to Dufours & Cap Salomon

St. Lucia, Marigot Ridge Hike

St. Lucia, Morne Pavillon, Cap Estate
St Lucia, Soufriere, Tet Paul

Saintes Hike

St Maarten, Sentry Hill

St. Barts, Hikes at Colombier

Union Island, The Pinnacle
Union, Mt Taboi and Big Hill


The Hikes on these pages were mostly first published in Caribbean Compass. They would take up too much space to include in full in the Sailors Guide. You are welcome to download them and try them. I have hiked them all, some many times, but make no guarantees about their suitability or even the directions given. Take them as a pointer, know your own limits and have fun. Some of these hikes are legal hikes open to the public (this will generally be the case where there are official signposts), others, involve crossing private lands, sometimes lands owed by different people. So be considerate and polite, and if someone yells at you to get off his land while waving a cutlass, beat a hasty retreat.
The views above were taken while climbing Big Hill Union.
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