Updated October 2014

Phones and phone codes

Thanks to John Guy who started the research for this page

Much of the Eastern Caribbean falls into the North America Numbering Plan (NANP). The country code for all NANP countries is 1 and the numbers that follow work just like area codes in the U.S. and Canada. These countries and their country codes are as follows: 

USA 1 + areacode
Anguilla 1-(264)
Antigua 1-(268)
Barbados 1-(246)
Dominica 1-(767)
Grenada 1-(473)
Montserrat 1-(664)
St. Lucia 1-(758)
St. Vincent 1-(784)
St. Kitts 1-(869)
Trinidad 1-(868)
Sint Maarten 1-(721)

This does not apply to the French Islands. Of these there are basically two: Martinique and Guadeloupe, which includes St Barts and St Martin. Let us take Guadeloupe, St Barts and St Martin first. All their phone numbers begin with 0590 (regular phones) or 0690 (cell phones) this is followed by a 6 more digits. eg: 0590-71-92-92. Within any French territory this is what you dial. 

When dialing from overseas, the country code for Guadeloupe is also 590. So if you are dialing from abroad you first dial the exit code for that country (in the USA 011) then you dial the country code 590, then you dial the number, but you leave off the first 0. Thus to get the same number from the USA we showed before, you would dial 011-590-590-71-92-92. If it was a cell phone you would dial: 011-590-690-71-92-92

Martinique is the same, except the country code is 596 and the phone numbers start either 0596 (regular) or 0696 (cell). So to give the same example  - within French territory 0596-71-92-92. From abroad exit code plus 596-596-71-92-92

That leaves the Saba, and Statia  all their numbers begin with 599 followed by 7 digits. When you dial from overseas you dial the exit code plus this number. If dialing within the Dutch Antilles you leave off the 599 and dial 0 instead.

 07/03 07-14 13,340

How to call abroad

If you have someone in a major country who wants to call you a lot, while you are stationed in one country in the Caribbean, there is a phone card they can buy that might be helpful (does not work the other way round) It is called Enjoy Prepaid. It is cheaper  when used to fixed phones.