Cruising Guide to Trinidad and Tobago Plus Barbados and Guyana

By Chris Doyle with Guyana input from Simon Wall and many others

First edition published as Cruising Guide to Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela & Bonaire in 1994

Published as Cruising Guide to Trinidad and Tobago in 1996,

Third edition published 2006

This edition published 2012

Format: 6 by 9 inches, glossy paper

Plasticoil binding for lay flat opening

256 pages (includes 26 page Barbados guide, and a 37 page Guyana guide )

Includes advertising of great local interest

High-quality color photography

23 full-color aerial anchorage photos

Lots of full color photography

54 full color sketch charts – most complete coverage available

Full GPS coverage, with waypoints that are directly downloadable from our GPS page

Updated on this web Trinidad , Tobago, Barbados or Guyana


Publisher's Review:

Since 1994  Doyle's Cruising Guide to Trinidad and Tobago has set the standard for this area. The last edition was expanded to include both Barbados and Guyana, making it the first cruising guide to the Essequibo in Guyana.

This edition has been completely upgraded and is the best selling guide to the area for the following reasons:

Excellent anchorage charts that are based on the authors’ surveys and are very clear and detailed. Aerial photos are included for most anchorages.  Like all Doyle’s guides, it is beautifully printed in full color on glossy paper with lots of scenic photography.

The navigational information is clear and concise, with GPS waypoints. The Doyle guides are unsurpassed for their onshore information, and this book is no exception, with excellent sections on exploring, carnival, eating out, and, for Trinidad, lots of details about boatyards and contractors.

This guide is is backed by this website that offers downloadable GPS waypoints and Updates as well as general information and links to local businesses for both all counteis covered

Some local advertising is included and most readers it find useful. Plus, it helps to keep the price of the book reasonable.

 About the author

Chris Doyle, a resident of Grenada, is a full time cruising guide author and spends over 6-months of the year sailing through the Caribbean, updating his books. He first sailed to Trinidad in the 70s and has been a strong supporter of Trinidad’s move into the yacht services market. He built his sailing survey catamaran Ti Kanot in Trinidad and visits Trinidad at least twice a year, storing Ti Kanot at Power Boats in Chaguaramas when he travels abroad. He has been writing cruising guides since 1980 and in every area he covers, his books have become the best selling cruising guides. Chris also writes for the local waterfront newspaper Caribbean Compass.

 Reader's reviews: Below is the only review to this edition,

Exactly as described - in new condition and always good from Chris Doyle. Thanks for good service will use it extensively

The next are fron earlier editions. In the first review below, the reviewer was sold the wrong guide by some store. Whether it was one of my earlier guides, or that of a competitor I have no idea. If it was one of my guides it would have had to be pretty ancient as the previous edition was 2001 and his complaint was 2011! I am skeptical as we  have a policy of replacing all out of date guides in the stores as new editions come out, but the store has to let us know. Unfortunately he did not contact me, (which again makes me wonder if he was sold a competing guide)  so by the time I saw this review there was nothing I could do to help. To make sure no one has this problem in the future I have posted the entire Guyana section on the web for free.

1.0 out of 5 stars appalled by the mis-representation no Guyana information inside November 5, 2011
By David
Here I am in the Cape Verde Islands eagerly awaiting my Cruising Guide to Trinidad, Tobago, Barbados and Guyana as my next destination is Bartica Guyana and I wanted Doyles sketch charts of the river.
In this guide there is absolutely no mention of Guyana anywhere in it, not on the cover not one single mention at all.

Basically, the book is complete rubbish and I waited 5 weeks for delivery.
2 Comments (two people commented he had the wrong book)

    Doyle's Guide to Trinidad, Tobago and Barbados, September 8, 2003

Reviewer: (Minneapolis, MN United States) - See all my reviews

This guide is another superb resource for cruising sailors from Chris Doyle. Thirty five years of living on a boat while collecting and updating information about sailing in the eastern Caribbean have honed Doyle's ability to include essential details about everything a cruising sailor might want or need.

In this guide for Trinidad, Tobago and Barbados, the combination of detailed charts as well as aerial photos with navigational overlays provides a clear picture of how to get in and out of every harbor safely. For each port there is a wealth of information on the nearest supplies and services for repairs and replacements of the zillion things that might go awry or get dropped overboard when living and traveling on a boat.

Doyle's affection for both the islanders and their environment is reflected in his enthusiastic descriptions of the many places and (and proprietors) to visit while on shore. In addition to details about how to get to and from grocery stores, restaurants, laundry facilities, etc., there are many descriptions of wonderful places to explore on foot or by dinghy. This is particularly helpful in these islands where one needs ideas on where to begin to see the amazing wealth of natural wildlife.

Best of all, the guide is well-written, easy to follow and fun to read.



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