Diveshops in the Eastern Caribbean


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There is good diving throughout the Eastern Caribbean. When you are considering a diving holiday, you should think not only about the diving but how you like to spend your non-diving hours. Those who like lots of social activities would do well to consider one of the more developed islands: St. Martin, Antigua, or St. Lucia. For quiet relaxation, choose a little island: Bequia, the Grenadines, Saba or Statia. If you want wild nature and don’t care much about white sand beaches, go for Dominica or St. Vincent. Tobago, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis are very beautiful islands where you could enjoy a diving holiday. To combine diving with a touch of France, visit Guadeloupe, Martinique or the Saintes.

angflag.jpg (3312 bytes)                                  Anguilla

Shoal Bay Scuba

Vigilant Diving

stkittsflag.jpg (2825 bytes)                                 Antigua

Azure Divers

Dockyard Divers

Dive Antigua

Indigo Divers

Jolly Dive Center

Octopus Divers


Dive Barbados

The Wet Shop

Exploresub Barbados

Reefers and Wreckers

The Dive Shop

Dive Hightide


Bon Bini Divers

Buddy Dive Resort

Dive Inn 

Wannadive Bonaire

FLAGstv.JPG (4952 bytes)                                   Bequia

Dive Bequia

Bequia Dive Adventures

Gdaflag.jpg (6637 bytes)                               Carriacou

Arawak Divers 

Deefer Diving


Gdaflag.jpg (6637 bytes)                                  Grenada

Aquanauts Grenada

Dive Grenada


wpe62.jpg (3544 bytes)                                    Dominica


Cabrits Dive Centre

Dive Dominica


martin1.jpg (1633 bytes)                                    Guadeloupe

Les Heures-Saines

martin1.jpg (1633 bytes)                                        Martinique

Tropicasub Diving

wpe3C.jpg (3191 bytes)                                    Montserrat

Green Monkey Dive Shop


Scuba Safaris


Saba Deep

Sea Saba, 

Saba Divers

martin1.jpg (1633 bytes)                                             Saintes



 Dive Statia

Goldenrock Dive


martin1.jpg (1633 bytes)                                             St. Barts

Go for a Dive

martin1.jpg (1633 bytes) stmart1.jpg (2673 bytes)                                St. Martin

Blue Bubbles Dive Center

Caribbean Dive College

Club Plongee

Ocean Explorers

Octopus Diving

Scuba Fun

Scuba Shop

Scuba Zen

                                             St. Kitts

Kenneth's Dive Center

Scuba Safaris

FLAGSslu.jpg (4829 bytes)                                            St. Lucia

Island Divers

Scuba St. Lucia

Scuba Steve's Diving

FLAGstv.JPG (4952 bytes)                                               St. Vincent

Dive St. Vincent

Indigo Dive


Island Dive Site


Aqua marine

Extra Divers

Frontier Divers

R and Sea divers

Wild Turtle Dive

FLAGstv.JPG (4952 bytes)                                             Union Island

Grenadines Dive



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