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UPDATES to the 2014-2016 edition

General note on Pets in the Caribbean

People througout the Caribbean use poisons for everything from crabs to nuisance dogs. These are deadly to pets, and quite a few pet owners have lost their companions to poison while walking them ashore. The poisons are attractive to dogs so keep your dog on a leash and watch what he is up to. A muzzle may help but would be hard on the dog in the heat if it stopped him panting. If your doge gets poisoned, immediate ingestion of a strtong sugar/water solution may help until you get to the vet.


I received the following letter:

I had some yachting visitors on a tour of Montserrat and they recommended I contact you to be listed as taxi/tour guide for persons visiting Montserrat. My Name is Desmond Davis, of Uncle Desi’s Tours, certified tour guide in Montserrat.  My details are as follows: Desmond Davis, Uncle Desi’s Tours, Tel: 664 496 9557, Email:

I specialize in tours to see the buried capital Plymouth, the buried W H Bramble Airport.  The abandoned village of Richmond Hill and panoramic views of the lush green side of Montserrat, Silver Hills and the new developed village of Look Out.  My tours are thorough and exciting, which normally takes about 3-4 hours.  Cost is US$120 for up to 6 passengers, special discounted rate of US$100 for couples. Local lunch is included in the price.




the Portsmouth Association of Yacht Security(P.A.Y.S) has opened an office. It is located at the Purple Turtle Beach. We can by contacted by our telephone number 1 (767) 317 9098 or by email


St Martin

Island Water World has announced they will be closing thier small outlet in Marina Fort Louis in Mafrigot at the end of June. All other branches remain open and active!

New Simpson Bay bridges info:

Simpson Bay Bridge for more up to date info try the port

0830 out   0930 in
1030 out   1130 in
1600 out   1500 in
                  1700 in

Causeway Bridge in and out



This is from february 14, sorry to be so late in posting it:

The Sandy Ground Bridge morning opening time has been changed from 0815 to 0900.  There is no monitoring of any VHF channel by any entity for this bridge.  The best bet to verify opening times is to hail Shrimpys (net controller of 0730 cruisers net) on channel 10. 

The other update is that the cruisers net is now on channel 10 at 0730.
Margaret Bujnoch, s/v Rocking B


Hi Chris, checked in at English Harbour on the 17 april. A notice at customs that effectiv from the 17 April 2014, there is a check out fee of 30 USD for passengers that had been in Antigua for more than 24 hours.

Thanks for the info! Looks like this charge is back on. Last time they had this charge, they called everyone except the skipper a "passenger" I did not know about it for a long time because I so often single-hand.

Page 286-7.

Good news for Jolly Harbour. Salty Dogs, the friendly sailors’ bar and restaurant, is moving from the Slipway to Jolly Harbour, where their happy hour will be from 1700-1900. In the new location they will be renting scooters and mountain bikes as well as their paddle-board rentals. They are forming the Antigua Paddle Board Club, with morning paddle session to the harbor entrance; great for some morning exercise!




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Corrections to the 2014-2016 edition

Babuda, Page 254 George Jeffery cell number is 788-7067 not 7076 it is printed correctly on other pages.