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Last updated September 2014

Cruisers sailing to Tobago are being advised that the last remaining cardinal marker alerting sailors to position of Buccoo Reef is now no longer in place.

John Stickland of Store Bay Marine Services, Tobago, says the cardinal marker at Pigeon Point, charted position 11.11.09N 060.51.12W has now disappeared. Charts generally indicate there are two cardinal bouys marking Buccoo Reef, both of these are now missing. There are currently no bouys or markers indicating the position or boundries of Bucco Reef; therefore extreme care should be taken when navigating in this area, especially at night.

Store Bay Marine Services has moved just up the road

John Says:  As well as offering all our usual marine services, we will now offer hot washes on laundry and WIFI by the hour. See you all in the new location - no doubt there will be plenty of beer in the fridge! Thank you to Chris Doyle for the map and kind permission to use it.


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The Tobago Cruisers Facebook page is a good resource for upe to date information and upcoming events.

For example on the Facebook page I first found the link Kate put up to this incredibel online book of birds and animals of Trinidad and Tobago. Welcome to the OGATT