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Updates to the 2012 Edition

   July 2016, The moorings in Chaguaramas have been taken over by Avi Tardieu phone 477 7426. The prices are still very reasonable and he is working on upgrading them.

 October 2014 - There is  big change in the way incoming FEDEX packages to yachts are handled in Trinidad. FEDEX packages can only be collected from the courier's storeroom in Piarco by the owner. There is a charge of $2 US a day after 48 hours between arrival and collection. It is possible without the owner to have them moved with a customs guard to Chaguaramas, which cost $250 US. I am told  DHL and UPS  packages still get delivered to Chagaramas, but I would advise confirming this with the carriers.
Legally, only the owner may pick collect incomeping packags. However there is some wiggle room: A seior officer said that She will allow senior, bona fide representatives of boatyards to collect the packages on behalf of the boat owner but she will not allow “mass importation” of items as some companies have been doing.


Chickungunya is mosquito born viral disease that spread to the Caribbean from Africa in 2014. The responsible mosquitos bite mostly dawn-dusk and day. It is only rarely deadly but never pleasant. It is right through
the islands. Protective cothing and plenty of repellant is the first line of defence.

Trinidad  has a cruiser Facebook page with cruiser chat and upcoming events