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UPDATES TO 2017/18 GUIDE  18th Edition (available December 2016)

Title page (page 6) caption should read "Sandy Island Carriacou". .

Page 201 Laborie Chart. Two markers on my sketch chart that were originally part of the buoyage system, have been removed. Gone are the outer red and white center buoy and the Iala buoy furthest to the west. The amended chart is below.

laborie chart

St. Vincent

Warning Chateaubelair.

There has been another nasty attack in Chateaubelair on a yacht on October 10th 2016. It is probably safe to stop during th bay temporarily to clear customs, but given all the problems we have had in the past and now this, I would not recomment overnighting. It is time for the govt to move the main customs station to their facitily in Cumberland Bay.
As an update to this I would say you are safe from at least one of the attackers - apparently the victim managed to break his neck and get rid of the others, before he got help to get to hospital for the treatment of his cutlass wounds.Brave man!

New restaurant in Blue Lagoon. I received the followng info:

Having sailed up and down the Caribbean using your guides we (Martin an Jenny) have
'swallowed the anchor' for a place on Blue Lagoon, St Vincent with a small
local rumshop. Jean's bar (owned by us but managed by Jean herself) is on the windward
highway between Barefoot and Blue Lagoon . It's  a no frills locals rumshop, with prices to match. The food is cooked to order by Jean and depends what she has available, but local
specialities such as Souse are often on the menu. Open 7 days/week and open until last person leaves (Caribbean hours). Jean - 784-528-2957


UPDATES TO 2015/16 GUIDE  (17th Edition)

General note on Pets in the Caribbean

People througout the Caribbean use poisons for everything from crabs to nuisance dogs. These are deadly to pets, and quite a few pet owners have lost their companions to poison while walking them ashore. The poisons are attractive to dogs so keep your dog on a leash and watch what he is up to. A muzzle may help but would be hard on the dog in the heat if it stopped him panting. If your doge gets poisoned, immediate ingestion of a strong sugar/water solution may help until you get to the vet.


St. Pierre chart error page 68. In my guide the buoys are in the correct positions, but the dotted lines are wrong. They are done correctly in the chart below, which is a little larger to show the anchoring room at the south end.

st pieere chart 2017


 St Lucia Customs

Overtime fees have been increased significantly. Overtime clearance fee in now $100 EC Immigration are now asking everyone arriving by yacht to fill in an immigration form. This does complicate arrival as only the skipper is supposed to go in and clear, which means you will end up making two trips. One to customs and to pick up the immigration forms then back to your boat to get them filled in, then back in again to immigration. To save yourself a trip you can download the form at St. Lucia now. If you would prefer it in word format so you can type on the form click Here

St Vincent, Wallilabou security note

One man was murdered and another wounded in an attack on a German yacht spending the night in Walilabou in March 2016. The information I have from a couple of sources is that the attacker came from the outside in a white boat and the shooting started quickly. Unfortunately, since this was, as it were, a boat coming in, and the police have not arrested the muderers, the same could happen in any bay in this area, so caution is advised. Having said this, we do not usually get multiple murders in the these islands and a handful of yachts are still spending the night in Chateaubelair, Cumberland, Wallilabou and Keartons. Cumberland Bay at least has security cameras mounted on the government building covering much of the bay.


St Lucia Soufriere security note

I have had a confirmed report of people being held up after dark at the corner dock by the Hummingbird Restaurant. Given this I would adivise avoiding this dock after dark. If you are going to the Hummingbird, beach directly outside the hotel, elsewhere use the main Soufriere dinghy dock which is a well lit area.

St Lucia

We seem to have a group of rather poor boat vendors in Soufriere right now. Especially  those in inflatables. The moorings close to town are private fishing boat moorings. They are neither desgned for, nor meant for yachts. Some vendors now put yachts on these and charge  a mooring rental equivalent of the SMMA fee. Select you own mooring from of he SMMA mooring fields and go to it. Do not just follow the vendor, he is only inerested in getting as much as he can from you.



Grenada and Carraicou

Clarkes Court Boatyard is now up and running, witht he biggest travel lift in the southeastern Caribbean

Some volcanic activity


Blue Lagoon

Customs and Immigration is now open at Blue lagoon Hotel and Marina every afternoon, 1200-1800. overtime is charged out of normal office hours.

West coast

From Rosi Morgan: In order to help the arriving sailors with their mooring, we gave some guys who we trust a yellow ribbon with ‘ROCK SIDE CAFÉ’ and our names printed on it. As long as the captain announces his arrival by phone, land line or when close VHF 68, we can tell him/her, how these men are recognized.  (and or you show the picture already during your briefing) We can then send one of them to our moorings for assistance. The names on the picture (from left to right) are Orlando, Curtis, Squinn and Kinsley (Alex also  has a ribbon, but is not on the picture).

 photo from rosi morgan

We hope, that this measure will contribute to a more stressfree anchorage.




Yachts are now banned from anchoring in Corbay. Ashore  Mr Pignataro has spread  lot of white sand and built himslef a fine kitchen and dining room. This is apparently enough to justify banning yachts anchoring the bay. You may anchor just outside and dinghy to the beach as all beaches are open to the public.

Yachts are now banned from anchoring on the east side of Canouan in the protected lagoon. This has apparently been decreed at the request of the Italian owners of the boutique hotel at the north end of this bay. Kite surfing is also banned. While there may be some safety issues at the north end where the hotel is, It seems hard to come up with any rational justifiction for a ban covering the whole lagoon.


This is to clarify the write-up in the 2015-2016 guide about Mustique shore access. As mentioned, most of the coast from the local village to the end of the salt pond with associated beaches is almost always open, including the salt pond walk. You can always arrange visits to places like Cotton house.  From about May to October there are usually no restrictions and you can normally wander all over the island. The most restricted times are the busy times like Christmas to New Year, February and Easter; about 7 weeks a year, when you may be restricted to the area mentioned, though even at these times you can discuss what you would like to do with Berris Little at Mustique Moorings and it is possible he can help. The rest of the time it depends on how many owners are around, and usually you can go most places, except maybe to one or two of the most popular beaches.  When you visit, keep in mind, how we are treated depends to some extent on how we behave.

Mayreau, Salt Whistle bay

The Tobago Cays Marine Park TCMP has put some moorings in this bay, as the bay is crowded it is quite convenient to take one. They charge $60 ec for one night, reduced fees for longer stays wil be coming. A local man collects the fees, but he has a proper recipt book from the TCMP.  I think one or two unofficial moorings may still be around, so try and get on the TCMP ones.


Union Island

The Tobago Cays Marine Park has put some moorings in Union Island, mostly out close to the reef. They are numbered and have TCMP on them. They charge $60 ec for one night, reduced fees for longer stays wil be coming. If a local person helps you on a mooring, take the slip he gives you and hand it to the park ranger when you pay, so he gets a comission. There is no compulsion to use them, but for those that like to, this should end the unregulated and poor moorings of the past.


Bertrand has marked the passage through the reef to Sparrow's Beach Club. He has also put in some moorings. His map is below. Remember it is not always calm in here and you definitely do not want to go in a northerly swell, but for a lunch stop for the adventurous it could be interesting!
Moorings are in about 2 meters, or Betran says you can anchor further out in about 5 meters.

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St. Lucia September 2014

The Edge Restaurant has closed.

Grenada and the Grenadines. New Baobab boutique sells artistic clothing and t-shirts. In Grenada they have two Baobab Company Shops: Baobab Company, Esplanade mall, St George, and Baobab Company, Spiceland Mall, Grand Anse. In Union Island, Sunseekers Shade Boutique, Clifton Beach Hotel, Union Island, WI - Abigail Hazell has a full range of Baobab Company brand in her boutique. Baobab Company Grenada